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In celebration of Michael Penn's 40th birthday, I thought it would be a good idea to have a special MP Gallery page reserved for wishing Michael a happy birthday. Below you'll find a form very similar to the one used in the MP Gallery... Just fill out whatever you'd like to say to Michael with regards to his birthday.

E-mail Address:
The E-Mail address field must be completed in order for me to receive your entry.
If you prefer not to have your E-Mail address available in the Gallery for everyone to see, then please click here:


Where are you from?:

If you could get Michael any present you'd like, what would it/they be, and why?

Write any birthday comments you have here: (You may use HTML, but please don't get carried away.)

By pushing the button below, your comments will be e-mailed to me. When you hit it, if your comments got through okay, you'll get a message that tells you that you're all set! So just hit the button, make sure the info is sent, and all will be well. :-)

PLEASE NOTE: Entries will not be posted until Monday, July 27, 1998. I am extremely sorry for this delay, but blame it on my server. Please check back to make sure your entry is here on that date! :-)

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